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Opening up your eCommerce Platform for Growth to international sales couldn't be easier with the Magento Extension for ClearPath Service Suite. The easy-to-install extension and simple administrative panel makes international sales a simple reality.

The Pitney Bowes Ecommerce ClearPath extension enables US-Based retailers to easily sell to 90+ countries worldwide by:

  • Integrating Pitney Bowes landed-cost calculator to provide your buyers with quotes for duty, tax, brokerage, shipping and handling fees at the time of checkout
  • Leveraging Pitney Bowes' expert logistics network to ship your parcels worldwide. All you have to do is to ship it to our US domestic shipping facility

This extension will:

  • Submit your catalog for expert harmonization to prepare your store for international business
  • Integrate landed-cost calculator directly into your One-Page Checkout to create a seamless experience for all your international buyers

Additional code integration may be required.

The Magento extension can be found on Magento Connect, Magento's secure extension repository.


The cost of the extension is $100, and is due at contract signing

Version Support

The extension currently supports:

Magento Community

Magento Enterprise







PB Ecommerce endeavours to support all future versions of Magento as they are released

Extension Support

Support for the extension is provided through PB Ecommerce Operations Team after full onboarding is complete. Support is included as part of the PB ClearPath service


You will be sent a link to download the Magento Extension once a contract is fully executed.

Contact us at

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